White - 100% recycled fabric

$ 165.00

This shirt is not in production yet.

If you are interested in this shirt, send an email to hovdenffw@gmail.com and I will send you a note when it is available. 

Production date will depend on interest.


50% Recycled organic cotton/30% recycled hemp/20% recycled Poly Muslin. 

This fabric is made with 100% recycled fibers. Fabrics from off-grade yardage, trims from garment productions, etc. have been shredded, re-spun, and woven into a new fabric. 

The shirt will be made in Portland. 

This shirt is a reconstruction of the traditional Scandinavian work shirt, commonly worn 150 years ago. The clean and comfortable cut, natural fiber and lasting durability of our shirts are suitable for today’s casual daily wear, work wear and even formal events.

All of our shirts identify as gender free and are made with respect for the earth and the humans on it.

Sustainable and ethical production :: All natural fibers :: Minimal waste

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