Vintage Wood Clothespins

$ 15.00

Ditch the dryer, use wind and solar power! 

150 years ago there were no washers and dryers, and no global warming. 

Yes, it takes a little extra time, but here are some of the benefits of line-drying your clothes. 


Line-drying conserves energy.

Line-drying is gentler on the clothes then tossing and tumbling.

Line-drying promotes physical activity. 

Line-drying slows you down and encourages you to pause. 

Line-drying helps whiten and disinfect laundry.

Line-drying inside in the winter adds humidity to the dry winter air. 

Line-drying prevents fires. 15.600 fires in the US yearly are started by/because of driers. 

The clothes, towels and sheets smell so good after they have been hanging outside.

It's cheaper to operate a clothing line than a dryer. Eliminating drier use can cut the electricity bill by $200 a year. 

If you ditch the drier, you can listen to the birds singing instead of the dryer-noise. 

According to my mom (we never had a dryer growing up in Norway) line-dried towels are more absorbent. She says that the American towels ('always tumble dried + fabric softener) are less absorbent. I agree! 

And if you need more convincing, check out this video of how the Swedes line-dry their clothes, whatever it takes. Click here.  

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