Utensil Roll

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The original inspiration for the utensils roll, is the zero waste movement and the wast amount of plastic that we use and throw away on a daily basis. Especially the single-use plastics such utensils. I always find myself thinking of these current world problems in the light of the past. What did people do before the convenience of single-use plastics? Like, in Norway, 100 or 150 years ago. Back when resources and things were handmade and treasured, used and reused, until it could no longer be used. And not thrown away because you don't need it anymore or you don't feel like doing the dishes or because it's out of fashion. 

I was pondering what people did back then, when they couldn't count on finding disposable plastic utensils pretty much anywhere. I was imagining that they put their knife and fork in their bag or backpack if they knew they needed them throughout the day. I must admit I was blown away when I came across a sheath, made for a knife AND a fork. I grew up seeing guys wearing their knife in a sheath on their belt, but a sheath for a knife and a fork is brilliance. Where and when did that get out of fashion? Have any of you seen this before? 


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A leather sheath is now on my radar, but we have decided to start out with a fabric utensils roll. No more throwing plastic straws, spoons, knives or forks in the trash after one time use. 

If you are interested in a leather sheath, please send me an email. That is how most of these projects start. A couple of people want something and a few months later, it exists. 

This is a sturdy roll that can fit silverware for the whole family. Yes, I have taken it on 4 person picnics this summer. So it has been tested. 

It comes with a napkin. And you can add bamboo knife, spoon and fork. Or miscellaneous metal silver-wear that I have found second hand. Or, use something you have already. 

"sheath: a close-fitting cover for something, especially something that is elongated in shape, in particular. A cover for the blade of a knife or sword."


Ecofriendly. Zerowaste home and travel. 


Hemp/organic cotton


single-use plastics

For a waste-free life on the go, simply slip the wrap inside your bag, lunch box, back pack or keep a set in your desk.


Unrolled: 22.5cm wide, 48cm tall (when open) / 20-24cm tall (when folded, depending on cutlery inside)
4 pockets for utensils, 1 pocket for napkin

Hemp/organic cotton.

Sewn with love in Portland, Oregon. 

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