PRE-ORDER Traditional Solberg Dark Blue - cotton shirt

$ 153.00 $ 180.00

The fabric for this shirt will be woven this summer - 2017. I will take pre-orders until June 28th. The price will be $180 after June 28th. Getting pre-orders will help me decide how much fabric to buy and it will help me with the fabric cost. The shirts should be ready to ship early October. 

The are 2 options for this shirt. The one in the photo is 'closed'. But I will also have 'open' made, where there are buttons all the way down the front. Click here to see the same style shirt in wool. The carpenter in the old photo is also wearing this style shirt. 

In order to purchase the 'open' version of the shirt, use the drop down menu where you choose the shirt size and there will be options for 'open'. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 


100% cotton. This fabric is made by Solberg Spinderi which was founded in Drammen, Norway in 1818 and was one of Norway's first industries. Many think of this as THE busserull fabric. 

Read more about Solberg here:

This is a reconstruction of the traditional Scandinavian work shirt, commonly worn 150 years ago.  The clean and comfortable cut, natural fiber and lasting durability of our shirts are suitable for today’s casual daily wear, work wear and even formal events.

This shirt is sewn in Pamplona, Spain by a team of women who specialize in sewing traditional European garments.

All of our shirts identify as gender free and are made with respect for the earth and the humans on it.

Sustainable and ethical production :: All natural fibers :: Minimal waste

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