Patch Your Shirt (or we can)

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Every now and then there is a problem with a shirt. The weaving has an imperfection, the sewing is a little off, your shirt gets a stain or you get caught on something that makes a hole. We don't want that to stop the shirt from having a long long life as a garment. 

Here are some options:


We encourage you to patch your shirt. If you enjoy mending, or want to give it a try, send me an email and I can send you a matching or non-matching patch that you can use. Or use a fabric that you already have. You can hand stitch or use the machine. There is invisible mending and visible mending. Visible mending is becoming more and more popular. Instead of a hole or a stain devaluing the garment, visible mending will be part of that shirts story. By fixing a garment you pour more love into it, and hopefully it will be even more valuable to you. There is a lot of inspiration online for mending techniques. Especially in Japanese boro. 


Find a local tailor and have them do it. Many dry cleaner also offer repair, and they are incredibly talented. They will do invisible mending, unless you ask for visible mending. 


Send the garment back to us (or bring it to Scan Fair/Midsummer) and we will patch it and send it back to you. If a patched shirt is not your style, you will get a credit towards a new shirt if you send us the one that has an issue. We will sell your patched shirt to someone who loves a one-of-a-kind shirt. Send me an email and we'll figure out the details!


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