Leather Waist Apron - Square

$ 150.00

Leather waist apron, handmade in Portland, Oregon. 

This leather apron is inspired by people in the past who were making things with their hands. A leather apron was part of their workwear. It kept them safe and made their clothes last longer. 

This apron is also inspired by today's craftsmen and craftswomen. People who are cobblers, welders, florists and other makers.

It is made to last and will only get more beautiful with age and use. It will reflect the story of the maker. 

The apron is adjustable via the waist strap/belt.


Measurements (Unisex):


Waist: 85-105cm/33-41inches

Length: 58cm/23inches 


Waist: 107-127cm/42-50 inches

Length: 58cm/23inches

Brass hardware.  

Blog post about the aprons: https://hovdenformalfarmwear.com/blogs/news/hovden-leather-aprons

Old photos: https://digitaltmuseum.no


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