Handwoven Kitchen Towel - Squares SOLD OUT

$ 50.00

Handwoven kitchen towels by Kari Berg, for Hovden.
Doing the dishes isn't my favorite... therefore I try to make the experience more pleasurable. Having a beautiful handwoven jewel in the kitchen certainly helps. 
It can be hard to use something this beautiful as a dish towel. As you can see in the photos, it looks really good as a small table runner too. 
We chose 100% unmercerized cotton yarn for these tea towels. Unmercerized means that the thread is not shiny and therefore will be more absorbent. 
After having used the prototype for a few months, I would say that it took about 10 washes for the towel to get good absorbance. I have been using mine to dry dishes on. They should be washed like any other dish towel. Machine wash and dry - no fabric softener, no bleach.
Size: 20 by 23 inches. 50 by 58 cm. 
Did you know that it takes 6,400 yards of thread to make a 11 yard warp? And the same amount to weave. That is half a mile of thread for each kitchen towel! I can't even keep my headphone cable untangled. Can you imagine keeping track of that much thread?
Archeologists believe that towels were closely held as personal items as early as the Middle Ages. In the early nineteenth century, the "tea towel" became the linen of choice and a item of much pride. They were handwoven and often embroidered. They were so treasured that they would be a family heirloom.  
I hope you love our new kitchen towel! 

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